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"I learned that the program is fairly easy to learn, a valuable tool, and worth using. Usually I sit in a training or presentation thinking 'Wow, I am a really good teacher' if I judge myself by a presenter. With Matthew, I found myself thinking 'Wow, he's a good teacher.'"

"Matthew is AMAZING and very knowledgeable."

"Matthew was clear and concise as always."

"I loved how Matthew directed the session to our interests and concerns."

"Matt is always well-versed and well organized."

"I really appreciate Matthew! He always makes things easy to understand. His presentations are very user friendly."

"Another EXCELLENT presentation from Matthew! A very inclusive, hands-on, dynamic presentation!"

"OMG!!! Matthew is just wonderful!!! And this presentation was mind blowing. It was so entertaining and informative. All the teachers present on this celebration were so engaged and ready to try BreakoutEDU ASAP. All the resources for this session and the way Matthew organized them is just fantastic. He was extremely ready to present, as always and he shared everything we need to start using this educational game in our classroom. I am very grateful to have Matthew as one of the trainers."

"Matthew is an incredible and dynamic presenter. I appreciate how knowledgeable, patient, and helpful!"

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MIE Expert 2020-2021

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You are helping lead innovation in education. Cheers to you, MIE Trainer, for training over 100 educators!

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You've earned the designation for educators who are passionate and committed to empowering learning through technology in their classrooms.